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 "Sportsman" Interview

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BeitragThema: "Sportsman" Interview   So Nov 23, 2008 10:32 pm

Von der offiziellen Seite: sobald ich zeit habe, werde ich es auch deutsch übersetzten

November 20, 2008
Torres reflects on fashion and football at the launch of the new ‘Sportman Street’ Ad campaign

The Spanish striker was interviewed as part of the launch of ‘Sportman Street’s’ new advertising campaign. The men’s perfume and the Liverpool and Spain number ‘9’ were the perfect team as ‘Sportman Street’ sets out to conquer the world stage.

- How are things going for you at Liverpool from a professional point of view?

Very well actually. I am living in a foreign country, learning a new culture, a new language, and the truth is I have fitted in well and have settled down well in Liverpool. I am very happy and this experience is helping me to mature as both a person and a footballer. I am loving my time here and I hope to remain here for a long time to come.

- What do you most miss about Spain?

What I most miss are the people I used to have around me when I lived in Madrid, like my friends. I also miss the warm weather and nice sunny days, but what I most miss are my friends.

- What do it feel like to score that all important goal at Euro 2008?

It was an occasion and a goal I had dreamt of scoring, and I was lucky enough to be able live out my dream. The match will live on in people’s memories for a long time to come, and the fact that my name now forms part of the history of Spanish football makes me feel very proud, and I would not change this for anything in the world.

-What are your current goals?

Each year football gives you the chance of setting yourself new objectives. Like every sportsman, you want to win silverware, the English Premier League, which after a 19 year wait, would be a great way of writing your name in the Liverpool history books. There is also Spain’s qualification for the World Cup, and when there, to try and win the trophy.

-Do you have any wishes in the game that you have yet to accomplish?

I still have a lot more to accomplish. I have only won one major trophy, the European Championships, and I still have plenty of other titles to conquer. I still have a lot of time and football in my boots to accomplish all my dreams; as there are plenty still out there.

-…and what about Fernando Torres the person?

I would like that myself, family and friends are well provided for. I am privileged to be able to work in something that I like doing. Therefore I would just like for things to continue just as they are.

- What three things do you consider as most important if you want to seduce someone?

Eye-contact is very important. The way you dress should be fresh, a ‘street’ kind of look, and of course a good men’s fragrance, ‘Sportman Street’.

- How much sport and how much street would you say is Fernando Torres?

50/50. As a sportsman, sport is my way of life. I have been playing all my life and it’s a major part of me. I consider myself as someone pretty ‘urban’ (as I come from a town on the outskirts of Madrid). I also have a keen interest in fashion, especially ‘street wear’. So I can safely say that I am split right down the middle.

- What do you think about the new Sportman Street advert?

It was a great experience because when you are comfortable with the people working with you on the shoot, everything is that more enjoyable and easy. Everyone treated me very well, and I am happy to have taken part in the filming of the advert. I think that it was an interesting and creative way of promoting a men’s fragrance. I am very happy with the result.

- What about the filming schedule and Torres on screen?

I always get quite embarrassed when I see myself on screen. All the crew and staff helped me out and made life a lot easier for me.

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Fernando Torres is Liverpool´s number nine
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BeitragThema: Re: "Sportsman" Interview   So Nov 23, 2008 11:34 pm

ich hab hier mal eine kurzzusammenfassung:
Zitat :
Es ist das Jahr von Fernando Torres. Zu seinem Erfolg als Fußballspieler beim FC Liverpool und als Nationalspieler in der spanischen Nationalmannschaft, kann er sich mittlerweile auch als Idol in der Modewelt beweisen.

Fernando Torres ist in dieser Saison das Image des männlichen Schönheitsidols für den bekannten Kaufhausgiganten El Corte Inglés. Und offenbar gefällt dem Spieler seine neue Rolle als Model, denn jetzt hat er einen neuen Vertrag unterschrieben:

Für die spanische Firma Puig wird er das neue Gesicht des Männerparfums “Sportman Street”.

Die Spanier können die Werbung mit ihrem Fuβball-Liebling Torres bereits ab dem 24. November im Fernsehen sehen. “Die Erfahrung war total klasse und richtig nett”, schwärmt der Starkicker. “Trotzdem finde ich es ein bißchen peinlich, mich ständig im Fernsehen zu sehen”.

Fernando Torres steigt damit in die Liega derjenigen Spieler auf, die neben ihrer Karriere im Sport auch ihr Gesicht für namhafte Firmen hergehalten haben. Darunter sind nicht nur die spanischen Stars Raúl vom Real Madrid, oder Tennis-As Rafa Nadal. Auch David Beckham macht bis heute hervorragende “Nebeneinkünfte” mit seinen Auftritten als Supermodel.

Fernando Torres kann sich bisher jedenfalls hundertprozentig mit seinen Rollen als Kicker und Model definieren: “Ich bin 50 Prozent Sport, 50 Prozent Street”, verkündete er, und fühle sich “sehr glücklich” in seiner derzeitigen Heimatstadt Liverpool. Dennoch: er vermisse die Spanier und das spanische Lebensgefühl. “Die Wärme Spaniens ist unersetzlich”.

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"Sportsman" Interview
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